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Deadly Russian Strikes Hit Civilian Center and Other Targets in Odesa – Generic English

Related media – Connected media Bomb disposal experts and human rights groups have said those bomblets, which are mass-produced and inexpensively made, generally have a 20 percent failure rate, often leaving behind hazardous duds that can explode later if mishandled. Because they are small, those duds can lay unnoticed among debris or vegetation and weigh…

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Biden to Announce A.I. Center in Wisconsin as Part of Economic Agenda – Generic English

Linked media – Connected media The Microsoft data center will be built on grounds where Mr. Trump, as president, announced in 2017 that Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, would build a $10 billion factory for making LCD panels. The Foxconn factory was supposed to be one of Mr. Trump’s marquee domestic manufacturing victories: the first…

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Monday Briefing – The New York Times

Related media – Linked media Cease-fire talks in Cairo faltered Negotiations between Israel and Hamas stalled again, meaning more uncertainty for the families of Israeli hostages and no quick reprieve for Palestinians in Gaza. Mediators struggled to bridge the remaining gaps, and a Hamas delegation left the talks, officials said. The main dispute was over…

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