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Alfredo Neri

G.M. to Cut Spending on Cruise Self-Driving Unit

General Motors is slowing the expansion of its Cruise automated driving division and significantly cutting spending at the unit after suspending operations in response to growing safety concerns about its driverless cars. The company had been planning to roll out a ride service in San Francisco and three other cities and begin testing Cruise vehicles…

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Amazon Introduces Q, an A.I. Chatbot for Companies

OpenAI has ChatGPT. Google has the Bard chatbot. Microsoft has its Copilots. On Tuesday, Amazon joined the chatbot race and announced an artificial intelligence assistant of its own: Amazon Q. The chatbot, developed by Amazon’s cloud computing division, is focused on workplaces and not intended for consumers. Amazon Q aims to help employees with daily…

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The Survivor – The New York Times

Losing the Fear At first, Sept. 11 seemed like the worst thing that could happen, but it turned out to be just the beginning. “There were lots of hard moments,” Ms. Woroniecka said. “Obviously 2008. Barneys going bankrupt — that was 25 percent of our wholesale revenue. Covid was a big one.” It wasn’t only…

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How to Have an Affordable Divorce

If there is an easy point of agreement in the emotional upheaval of divorce, it is that endless legal battles can break the bank. Hourly attorney fees can hit the high three figures, according to Nicole Feuer, the vice president of development and operations for the National Association of Divorce Professionals, a group of 600…

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